Standard 6

Professionalism: Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.

Element 6.2: Teacher candidates will participate in activities that enhance collaboration and lead to professional growth and development.
Artifact: Pre-Student Teaching Observations- Evaluation of Teacher Candidate
Date: Winter 2011
Reflection: Prior to student teaching each teacher candidate must observe in the high school and middle school levels for a total of 60 hours. Each teacher candidate was required to teach a lesson based on their host teachers unit. My lesson plan was based on an aquatics unit. Each teacher candidate was then to be evaluated by their host teacher. Here are my host teacher's evaluation of my swimming lesson.

Element 6.3: Teacher candidates will demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the professional ethics of highly qualified teachers.
Artifact: Disposition Letter from SUNY Cortland Staff
Date: Winter 2010
Reflection: Each semester SUNY Cortland staff meet in order to discuss the current student population. Each teacher is eligible to nominate different students who have shown professionalism within the major. In the winter semester of 2010 I was recognized within this elite class of students. Here is my  letter from the SUNY Cortland Staff.