Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management: Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning

Element 4.1: Teacher candidates will demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal; communication skills across a variety of instructional formats.
Artifact: Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience Bulletin Board
Date: Winter 2011
Reflection: Prior to student teaching each teacher candidate must observe over 60 hours at the middle school and high school levels. Students are responsible for various assignmenets including designing and creating a bulletin board for your host school. The board must be educationaly based on a physical activity. Here is the information on the bulletin board I created.  

Element 4.3: Teacher candidates will provide effective instructional feedback for skill acquisition, student learning and motivation.   
Artifact: Adapted Physical Education and Sport Letter to Parents
Date: Fall 2010
Reflection: Providing feedback is important to not only your students but your students parents or guardians. In order for progress to increase it is essential for students to work on skills outside the classroom. Providing feedback to a students parents can help the parents understand what each student is capable of and what he or she needs to work on. In Adapted Physical Education and Sport, each student wrote a letter to their BOCE's student's parents regarding on his or her levels of performance in all three domains; affective, cognitive and psychomotor. Here is the letter i sent to my BOCE's student's parents.